Please visit our fundraising page for more information about how your money will be spent.


We are searching for as many people as possible to help out, whether with the sorting of donations, or with SCARF coordination and administration.

Saturday Sorting: currently, a team of SCARF volunteers works every Saturday at De Boemerang in Amstelveen to sort through the week's donations. If you are interested in offering 5 hours of time on a Saturday and being part of this, please contact us on Facebook or by email and we can include you in our Whatsapp group for all the latest updates and schedules.

Coordination and administration: we are currently filling positions in coordination and administration. We are looking for:

  • collection and sorting strategists and administrators
  • sending aid administrators
  • media and communication administrators

If you would like to help in any way, please contact us to find out more! An hour a week, or a day, every little helps.


If you are interested and want to find out more, drop us a message here or email us at

Not from the Netherlands but interested in making an impact through clothing donation or volunteering? Please get in touch and we may be able to sort something out!