The ECHO Hub


SCARF unites with ECHO100Plus, supported by UNHCR and Mercy Corps, to provide the refugees of Leros with a facility of learning and provision of essentials. Approximately 1,000 lives are currently on hold in Leros, and this may increase during the winter. As Leros currently has poor infrastructure to deal with provision of clothing, hygiene items and education, this project, run by ECHO100Plus, intends to combat this. SCARF will assist ECHO in areas specific to creativity, social activities and sport. Other focuses of the hub are: languages, e-learning and the provision of clothing and other aid.

Many refugees on Leros will eventually be re-located, some settling in a European country where they do not speak the language, thus making integration immediately difficult, potentially resulting in alienation and discrimination. Language lessons and activities focused on skills development will create mental movement and advancement, and combat inevitable boredom and depression.